Hello bloggers,

I was introduced to Red maybe 4-5 years ago, and although they had 3 albums released at that time, I am still listening to End of Silence album until this very moment. I never moved on to the next two albums. Actually, they are four now! So that leaves me with three unlistened-to albums.

Are you wondering why? I do, too! However, whenever I give it a thought, a couple of reasons come to my mind.

The first one is because I really love End of Silence that I am refusing to move on! I mean, do you even blame me?! That album is freaking good and hit me to the core. I love it even more when I’m extremely frustrated with anything, or everything. It helps me expressing my deepest feelings. That album just sums up everything I would want to say.

The second reason is that I might be afraid to love the next album so much that it distracts me from listening to the first one. I know what you are thinking now. Nonsense! But it is true. I still refuse to give up on the first one.

Another reason just occurred to me and it is that I might be afraid that the next album is not as good as the first one. If this comes to be true, I would be deeply disappointed. I think it might take me another 4 years to compose myself and listen to the next one, because I am seriously thinking of giving it a shot and listen to Innocence and Instinct.

Anyways, wish me luck and respond with reviews if you already listened to it. Or don’t! I do not want your opinions to influence mine 🙂






I go to places already knowing that I am going to see things that will not please me, yet I go. 

It might be that this heartbreak is my only comfort, my only consolation, the only fine line between the good past and beautiful memories and the heart-wrenching present.

As much as I ache, I feel comforted. As much as I feel dead, I feel alive, but broken. 

Or maybe I go because I want to cling to the past. That I don’t wanna forget anything. That the only way to keep me from forgetting, attached to the past and to the flow of memories is when I see the ‘things’ that increase my agony.

It is not that I am not able to forget, it’s just that I don’t want to. 

A Piece of Advice 

If you ever loved someone, meet them in one place, go out with them in one place, do whatever you want to do together in one place only and never change it. Why? Because when you lose them, you don’t want to remember them every place you go. You don’t want to see their shadow following you wherever you lay your sight. You don’t want to smell their scent wherever you go. You don’t want to remember the sounds of your conversations echo in every empty street. 

Have your love born in one place, buried in the same  place. 

Israel And The So-Called Democracy ‘The Religious Conflict’

In continuation of the ever lasting Israeli human rights, moral, religious and whatever laws exist on earth violations, Israel’s  Knesset passes the law of forbidding Azan -Muslims’ call to prayer- in Jerusalem, the capitol of Palestine.

On November 14th, 2016, the Israeli Knesset passes the law of forbidding Azan in Jerusalem and in the occupied lands of 1948, in a blatant violation to the established freedom of religious rites practice. Unsurprisingly, the law finds high encouragement from the Israeli members of Knesset. On the other side, the Palestinian party intensely condemns the law and accuses it as an attempt to change the conflict from existential to religious.

The grand Mufti of Palestine comments: “Undoubtedly, such law is discriminatory and huge intervention in the freedom of religious rites practice.” Also, he warns from the consequences of this law: “It will stir up the feelings of Muslims and abolish the attempts of peace making that we all seek.”

The Palestinian people encounter this law with clamor rejection, and fear rises from authorities that this will lead to unnecessary escalations.

It is worth mentioning that a familiar law was suggested in 2009 by a member of Knesset Aryeh Bibi, where he claimed that he received many complaints concerning Al-fajr Azan – the first call to prayer at dawn.

‘Israel’ occupies the holy land of Palestine, the place of birth of Jesus Christ, since 1948 displacing over 5 million Palestinians and murdering tens of thousands so far.

– Featuring image is from the internet.