Deadly Arrow

This photo is borrowed from the internet. Anyone knows the the photographer, please tell me his\her name to add it to the photo credit

Now, I shall leave to read one of my recent poems. Please, I want to read your feedback.


Deadly Arrow


That deadly arrow

Hit me in my marrow

But I bled no blood

I was hemorrhaging sorrow


I try my best to forget

But I’m trapped in a net

The ghost of my past grabs me back from my neck

Stay here, damned, we are not done yet


Your soul I will consume

Fall, Fade and doom

Down on your knees, crawl

I make of your tears my finest perfume


Lay down in your grave forgotten

Another still body, rotten

I have your heart, you cannot depart

Do not love again or you will wish you were never begotten



Poem Credit: Mo’men Ashour

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  1. Ms. Vee · February 24, 2016

    I know this feeling.


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