Walk Through My Shadow

Hello Readers


I always assumed that happiness gives a very limited space of imagination and restricts your inspiration. I see now why I’m trapped  in the shadows and dark places. If you want to knock doors never been knocked before, you need to go with yourself to places you’ve never visited. Your mind is a maze and inspiration is a riddle. And you need to be the maze runner and explore your mind and see what it hides deep down inside, then you can solve these riddles. Once those riddles are solved, the doors you knocked shall open and they will lead to a running river of imagination. When you drink from that, you will be even more thirsty, you simply won’t get enough of it. It is the good, harmless addiction.

I shall now let you to read my next poem, Walk Through My Shadow.


Wake up! It’s a dream

Or not as it seems

Help your unused wobbly knees

Take your first step, hold on to that tiny beam


Open your eyes, stretch your arms

Break that holy shell

You weren’t born to live in a cell

Suck those poisoned charms



Wake up! It’s a nightmare!

You are trapped in your fears

Evil whispers in your ears

You are mine. Only Mine. Don’t you dare



Back to the cell, back to hell

Retract behind the bars

You picked the snake out of all the spinning jars

Take the pill and pay your bill



Walk Through My shadow

I am the unseen

The inevitable hollow

I am yourself who I mean



Poem Credit: Mo’men Ashour


I’m currently looking for support and a platform where I can publish my work to larger audience. If you are interested, please contact me.




  1. Ms. Vee · February 24, 2016

    Powerful poem!


    • momenash · February 24, 2016

      Thank you very much. Glad you like it @Ms. Vee ❤


      • Ms. Vee · February 24, 2016

        You’re welcome! Blessings and peace✌💗


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