Fever of Silence

Photo Source: https://twitter.com/archillect


Where I come from, they say “Silence is a sign of endorsement”, but for me, it is not necessarily true. I prefer silence over those endless and pointless vortexes of futile discussions. I often choose to keep it quiet and observe while I have the discussions I want to be involved in that fit with my own standards with the only one understands me the most, myself. That is not a very good thing to do, at least not always, because now I know no other way but to give that silent treatment to almost everybody. It is easier this way I guess, but for the long term, it is dangerous.


Fever of Silence


My chest is a cemetery

To all the needed unspoken words

My eyes are in a butchery

Because of my mind’s absurds


My liver detoxifies

My soul of human feelings

And my blood purifies

My veins of sentimental meanings


Petrified with a bleeding heart

I am striken with fever of silence

Watching my pulse rate chart

Going down in defiance


My lost looks of my eyes

Are wondering where am I laying them

I ran out of sighs

My breathes, into what world am I dragging them


I don’t think I have the answer

For I lost the battle

I couldn’t resist that cancer

And the price is the death rattle


So that’s it for me

It’s always good to admit a defeat

But it’s not the end of me

I have another battle to greet

Poem credit: Mo’men Ashour


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