Brutal Projection – Momentary Feelings

All of us are haunted by momentary feelings. They happen as a reflection to something we were exposed to, but we must never give in our actions to those momentary feelings. We go through things make us wish we had the power of a dragon and its fire-breathing to wipe off everything to dust and ashes, or the power of God to grant everything to anyone. All I know is that both are wrong and thank God we don’t have everything we wish, for sometime, we really should be careful of what we wish for. Some are driven by those momentary feelings, as a result, they suffer from the aftermath. Some avoid doing anything at all and oppress their feelings and they also suffer from the consequences. And some find a release to those momentary feelings in ways that don’t damage anyone. For me, I release them on papers.


Brutal Projection

Get out of your body and float

Watch from the sky while they burn

Look for who hurt you, snatch his throat

It is time to wipe off what they wrote

Make your last move, take your final turn


Close your eyes and swallow the hate

Open your mouth and breath out the fire

That’s their doom and that’s your fate

It is never too late

That’s a scene to truly admire


Embrace yourself and sweep the ashes

Be at peace, end that brutal projection

No more pain, no more clashes

Start over when the sky flashes

The very end of deception


Poem credit: Mo’men Ashour

I’m currently looking for support and a platform where I can publish my work to larger audience. If you are interested, please contact me.


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