Burning Hearts


Just the moment you think things cannot be any worse, you get another slap on the face to wake you up from that dream. It feels like a battle is going on between a buffalo and a rhino. No match in strength but match in resilience. The first maneuvers by hit and run and the last attacks with deadly strikes. Now it depends on your skills of dodging and executing counter moves. And may the odds be ever in the favor of who has the better endurance.


Burning Hearts


Why life is always unfair?

Will destiny ever leave us alone?

Everytime we try our hearts to share

We cry, writhe and yearn


We stand up, walk and wipe the tears

But the pain is still inside burns

A growing hole in the heart appears

Good old memory greatly moans


Will this ever going to come to an end?

Why can’t you just leave me alone?!

Or you just want to watch me bend?

No, because I don’t do the give up thing or groan




Credit: Mo’men Ashour




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