If Only

If only walls can speak

To shout out loud for me

To wake that cold soul, that lonely bleak

It may make me see


All I live is a lie

That smile I have to fake

That farewell I wait

To say my last goodbye


All that can be seen

Through my looking glass

Bid my heart, and lean

Shear off my lass


Slap that face, twice

Take its pulse once

Kiss that cheek thrice

God bless that vice


Stop pretending you’re alive

You are truly the walking dead

Invincible to knives

But feelings are so vulnerable to shed


Everything we do is but a reflection

Our attitudes, our actions

Our long-unforgetten passion

The overdue sanctions


Here it is, in sum

The story of my distorted soul

All my contradictions, or some

My last appeal, my final call


Poem Credit: Mo’men Ashour



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