Same Blood

On March 29th 2016, a friend of mine and myself presented a presentation about the history of colonization of South Africa and Athol Fugard’s My Children! My Africa! In the Light of the African-American Anti-Racism Struggle.

We stroke a comparison between the struggles that the black people of South Africa and the United States had suffered in order to obtain their freedom and rights. We also discussed how might Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X  actually inspired Fugard with his two main characters Mr. M and Thami Mbikwana with evidence from reality and references from the play. And to make our introduction even more interesting, we decided to start our presentation with a poem of my writing.

We are made of the same mud

Yet, you insist on keeping us segregated

Our veins run with the same blood

Yet, my peace-making attempts have never fainted



O my human brother

Why do you want us both to suffer?

Don’t we all have the same mother?!

I have never treated you as The Other

So why are you treating me according to my race,

religion or my color



You fight me with fear

And all I want is to be to you one step near

Stop your war and accept my rose

It is time for us to increase the love dose


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