Déjà-vu Love

One side of me that, most of the time, I do not like to show is this one. Yes, sometimes we are overwhelmed by something we see or something we experience, and then an overflow of passionate feelings haunts you and you find no way else to release them but on papers. It feels so great to try to embody someone you wish he\she exists, but what is even more greater is that how can you make people feel jealous of your embodiment of fantasy. This poem is a bit old one. I actually composed it before I was possessed of dark literature and art. I hope you enjoy appreciating it.


Who grants me happiness? Surely, it is you.

Those eyes, those lips, that heart, I’m falling apart, what should I do?!

I’m weak, I fade, I seek, but I still have no clue.

Your touch, your smile, your look purifies anything to sky blue.

Lost and stray, in love I would say, deeply in you.

Close your eyes and listen to the voice from heaven and never ask who.

I’m an ordinary man with unusual plan to win my love for true.

Soon my plan will flourish and I will accomplish what I pursue.

Together we will live, will not save anything I should give, past and hitherto.

That is what is meant to be; from our destiny we cannot flee, all like déjà-vu.


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