Israel And The So-Called Democracy ‘The Religious Conflict’

In continuation of the ever lasting Israeli human rights, moral, religious and whatever laws exist on earth violations, Israel’s  Knesset passes the law of forbidding Azan -Muslims’ call to prayer- in Jerusalem, the capitol of Palestine.

On November 14th, 2016, the Israeli Knesset passes the law of forbidding Azan in Jerusalem and in the occupied lands of 1948, in a blatant violation to the established freedom of religious rites practice. Unsurprisingly, the law finds high encouragement from the Israeli members of Knesset. On the other side, the Palestinian party intensely condemns the law and accuses it as an attempt to change the conflict from existential to religious.

The grand Mufti of Palestine comments: “Undoubtedly, such law is discriminatory and huge intervention in the freedom of religious rites practice.” Also, he warns from the consequences of this law: “It will stir up the feelings of Muslims and abolish the attempts of peace making that we all seek.”

The Palestinian people encounter this law with clamor rejection, and fear rises from authorities that this will lead to unnecessary escalations.

It is worth mentioning that a familiar law was suggested in 2009 by a member of Knesset Aryeh Bibi, where he claimed that he received many complaints concerning Al-fajr Azan – the first call to prayer at dawn.

‘Israel’ occupies the holy land of Palestine, the place of birth of Jesus Christ, since 1948 displacing over 5 million Palestinians and murdering tens of thousands so far.

– Featuring image is from the internet.


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