Hello bloggers,

I was introduced to Red maybe 4-5 years ago, and although they had 3 albums released at that time, I am still listening to End of Silence album until this very moment. I never moved on to the next two albums. Actually, they are four now! So that leaves me with three unlistened-to albums.

Are you wondering why? I do, too! However, whenever I give it a thought, a couple of reasons come to my mind.

The first one is because I really love End of Silence that I am refusing to move on! I mean, do you even blame me?! That album is freaking good and hit me to the core. I love it even more when I’m extremely frustrated with anything, or everything. It helps me expressing my deepest feelings. That album just sums up everything I would want to say.

The second reason is that I might be afraid to love the next album so much that it distracts me from listening to the first one. I know what you are thinking now. Nonsense! But it is true. I still refuse to give up on the first one.

Another reason just occurred to me and it is that I might be afraid that the next album is not as good as the first one. If this comes to be true, I would be deeply disappointed. I think it might take me another 4 years to compose myself and listen to the next one, because I am seriously thinking of giving it a shot and listen to Innocence and Instinct.

Anyways, wish me luck and respond with reviews if you already listened to it. Or don’t! I do not want your opinions to influence mine 🙂






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